Polynesian V2.0 (2024)

October 2023 Update: We got a little more information about the resort design from the recently issued Dewatering Plan (in other words, drainage system). There was a detailed overall blueprint released as part of that report. This first shot shows the overall layout with parking and in relation to the existing Poly buildings.  We'll zoom in on these photos below. 

Now here's a close-up in the upper section (Northern half) of the building, which shows the layouts of some of the rooms. Note it is hard to tell particularly if these 2-bedrooms shown are lock-offs or not, but you can see there are 2-bedrooms, 1-bedrooms, studios and DUO (2-person) studios. 2-bedrooms appear to have only two bathrooms. 


Second close-up below seems to show some sort of dining area or lounge. You can not tell if this is a first-floor or a top-floor design. However, it does seem like there's a patio or deck area which might make it a rooftop lounge. 


The last image here shows a close up of the pool area, where you can clearly see a zero entry pool. a splash area to the left, and what looks like a hot tub on the upper left. 

September 2023 Update: The following set of photos were taken from the second floor of the Fuji building on September 5, 2023. At the time they were just starting to put sliding glass doors in - you can see all the glass doors on the ground in front of the building. The forefront of these shots is where the pool is scheduled to be.



May 2023 update: Construction has been underway for a while. Recent photos of the build only show the concrete structure. There is still no hint at an opening date, types of rooms, or whether it will be part of the existing condo association.




On March 15, 2022 DVC announced the removal of the Spirit of Aloha theater and the replacement of that site with a new DVC building. No details were provided besides concept art and the vague date that it would be expected to open in 2024. This is likely about the point where the Grand Floridian units will be sold out, as they are expected to take about 2 years to sell out. The concept art released is shown below. It should be noted that we can now be well convinced that reflections is truly dead.