About Us


Steven Craig

Steven with his wife starting going to Disney World for their first Anniversary. After a bus stop switch over at Wilderness Lodge from Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs) to a theme park a few years later while staying at Caribbean Beach Resort, they fell in love with Wilderness Lodge and wanted to stay there. In 2018, they finially became DVC members of Copper Creek Villas and Cabins via a direct purchase with Disney.

Being new members they struggled with how the Points system worked, thinking about vacations beyond 11 months and how to manage the contract points easily. So Steven in his spare time built a DVC Vacation tracking system that would allow him to enter his contract, all the previous and upcoming vacations for the next two years, and banking transactions. This would allow them an easy to see visualization of how their points would be used, how many points they had, how to best use their ponts and getting e-mail alerts reminding them about their upcoming important vacation dates (ADRs, FP+, etc..) and banking dates.

After joining an online forum, he found that other people owning DVC also struggled to manage their DVC contracts and points, so he wanted to allow others to use his software as well. After meeting Pete on an online forum, seeing all his DVC wisdom, him and his teams hard work on the availability charts, the two came up with the idea of creating a site to help all members with their DVC purchase from tools, to FAQs, to Availability and Resort information. Moving the software from his personal site into the DVC tools part of this site, allows all DVC members access to great tools that Disney could not provide to manage their DVC contracts.

When not at Disney World, he lives with his wife in Southern California.


Peter Scheidle

Peter has been a Disney Parks fan since his first trip to Disney World at 2 ½ in 1972. Many childhood trips followed, and he indoctrinated his wife to Disney on their first vacation together in 1997. They started going annually after their daughter was born, and with their first on-site stay they were hooked. In 2014 they became DVC members for the first time with a resale contract at Animal Kingdom Villas.

Obsessed with the ability to get the most value out of his contract and being a complete nerd, he started creating a set of charts around the availability of studios at various times of year and number of months in advance simply for his own purposes. When completed, he shared the charts with other DVC members on the DIS message boards. Significant interest led to eventually redoing the charts and fleshing them out to all room categories. Those complete charts are now hosted on this website.   

The charts led him to start getting further involved with the DVC community as a contributor to the DVC Show on the DISunplugged network in 2019-2020. In January of 2020, he helped found this site with Steven Craig with the intention of bringing together as much information as they could about DVC onto a single site. As of July, 2020 - he started appearing regularly on the DVC Newcast podcast on the MY DVC Points Community site. 

Now with three contracts and 395 points, he and his family are approaching their 25th trip.  He owns contracts at Animal Kingdom and Boardwalk and loves nothing more than a day at Food and Wine, followed by an evening at Jellyrolls. When not at Disney World, he lives with his wife and daughter in Buffalo, NY.  Connect with Pete on his personal Facebook page, on the DVCHelp Facebook Group, or via his email  [email protected].