DVC Tools

What is DVC Tools? Why would I need a log-in account?

There is a section of this site which is set up specifically for you as a DVC member to help track and manage your DVC account(s) and requires an account on our website to be setup to access this section. The login area provides an easy to use planning and tracking system for your DVC member account which includes tools, visualizations, important alerts and reminders for up coming trips, and tracking your contracts and their point usage. This page will describe the set of tools that will be available to you once you login. You simply have to input information about your different DVC contracts and any transactions that take place, and your "My DVC" pages will give you a lot of EXCLUSIVE features and information that the Disney and other web sites do not. Plus we keep the tools up to date and add new features and bug fixes often. See the change log here for the changes.

I am not sure I want to put personal information into your website? How do I know I am protected?

First of all, the only personal information you need to enter is your email and your name - which you can use an alias for (phone # is optional). We do not ask for any personal DVC account information such as account numbers or reservation numbers. In addition, our administrators do not have access to the information you put in the site, only you do. Third, the site uses a secure hosting program, using database and session encryption to protect your information. Fourth, we do not and will not allow access to sell access to your information via any third parties. While we do our very best to protect your information, C&S DVC Help Center and DVChelp.com does not retain any liability for the security of any information that is placed on our site.

If I sign up for an account what does your site offer? 

  • My Contracts - enter the information about your contract, including use year, number of points, home resort, nickname for the contract, and end date. Provides details about different costs of the contract, points usage, and key contract dates.
  • My Vacations - enter information about your vacations, including dates, resort and room type and number of occupants and tickets. It then calculates points requirements. Once saved, you can select which contracts points came from across mulitple contracts. It provides details on cost of vacation stay via DVC points based on your buy-in price and dues, and also provides rack rates for equivalent room. Also provides important dates like 60 day ADRs. There is also a Vacations Overview page that shows you all your vacations in a yearly (month by month) overview so you can visually see your vacations throughout each year. When editing/viewing a vacation you can also see the difficulty of reserving the room based on our availability chart data.
  • My Settings - Can set alerts to be sent to your e-mail - reminding you of 7-month booking windows, 60 day ADR window, and Banking deadlines. E-mail alerts can be set for multiple dates. 
  • My Transactions - Non vacation transactions on accounts, such as banking, borrowing, point rentals, transfers in or out, RCI, and one time use points. Can be used to balance newly set-up accounts and contracts.
  • My Dashboard - Reminders of upcoming dates on contracts, points left to use, banking and vacations. 
  • Contract Overview - Show vacations, point information, Use Year and transaction history for each contract in an easy to understand graphical overview.
  • My Passes - Record APs to track expiration dates, costs and savings over ticket prices.
  • Points Calculators
    • Look at a point cost calendar by resort and room type (like the Resort Availability Tool) and then compare point costs for selection at other resorts.
    • Select your dates and software provides point costs for all rooms and resorts.
    • Maximize your points feature to search for other room types on the same dates, that are the same or less points.
    • Enter in how many points you want to spend, the resorts you want to stay at and the time of year you want to go and get search results for rooms at one or mulitple resorts and dates to use the points specified.
    • A calculator that allows you to see a vacation cost in points across different years. This allows you to see how much points your vacation went up or down between the years.
    • See the difficulty of reserving the room(s) based on our availability chart data.
  • Calendar Events for Alerts (Bank Points, Important Reservation Dates & Moonlight Magic) and all your Vacations via CalDAV access. All alerts and vacations are synchronized from our site to the iOS/Andriod/PC device(s) that has the CalDAV connection setup. The calendar can also be accessed from mulitple devices. iOS devices can share the calendar to other users as well just by entering in the e-mail address(es) they want to share it with, within the iOS calendar app.
  • Optional ability for you to foward your DVC Reservation E-mails to [email protected] from the e-mail address assoicated with your dvchelp.com account, and the system will parse the e-mail for the vacation details and automatically create the vacation in your account, if a vacation that matches exactly does not exist. All other data in the e-mail such as Resort Confirmation number, guests, etc. are disregarded and not stored or created with the vacation data.

Specifically - why should I do this versus just using the Disney DVC site?

  • Automatic Reminders! Not only for your critical vacation dates like 60 day ADRs, but has reminders for your banking window. Reminders are optionally via e-mail and/or your calendars, we recommend e-mail at least.
  • Point Tracking! It allows automatic point calculation tracking and tracking point usage even when using multiple contracts / use years for a single stay. (DVC site does not tell you where points came from after booking). You can enter single or multiple contract information and track multi-year annual point usage.
  • Cost calculators! Do you want to know how much your DVC is actually costing you including your initial buy in and maintenance fees. Every booked trip is calculated for cost and also compares the cost savings to rack rate. Costs of renting points are also tracked.
  • Points Calculators! If you know your travel dates - type them in and find point cost of every room and resort in the system. Our point calculator feature allows you to clearly see the point costs of everything else for your vacation dates and allow you to sort the rooms by different options from how many they sleep to how many points it costs, showing you alternatives to your selected room. You can also search for resorts and dates that match your point requirements.
  • Availability Data! When editing/viewing a vacation or when using our calculators you can also see the difficulty of reserving the room(s) based on our availability chart data.

How much does this cost?

No cost - it's free to all users.

How do I get started?

Set up an account log-in by clicking here. Once it's been created and your e-mail address is verified, you will have access to the full DVC Tools in a "MY DVC" menu. Additional instruction will be available in the "MY DVC" menu, "Getting Started" page.