Old Key West Resort Information


Old Key West Info:

Opening Date: December 20, 1991

Deed Expiration:  Jan 31st, 2042 (Original) / Jan 31st, 2057 (Extended)

2020 Annual Dues per Point:  $7.84 (See Dues History)

Direct Cost (2020): $168 / point

Average Resale Cost (2020): $89-$105 / point (Add $10-15 for extended contracts)

Next Expected Refurb date: 2022


Old Key West (OKW) is the original DVC resort and was in fact called the Disney Vacation Club resort when it opened on December 20, 1991.  It was constructed in stages with Stage 1 completed in 1992, Stage 2 in 1993, and the last stage completed on May 1994. (The preview center was demolished in 1998 and three additional buildings were built in its place as well.) In total, 49  buildings were completed with at least 8 different layouts. While the resort did not sell out until 1998, the end of lease for all contracts was January 31st, 2042  

Sales began in October of 1991 at the preview center on the property at $51 per point, though pre-sale prices are indicated as having been only $48 per point. In addition, the annual maintenace fees started at only $2.51 per point per year. The resort was renamed Old Key West in January 1996. By the time the resort sold out in the Fall of 1998, prices were still only $62.75 per point. 

In 2007, Disney did a trial on extending the contracts at Old Key West. At the time, Disney offered 15 year extensions (to Jan 31, 2057) for a price of $25 per point, though additional offered a $10 per point reduction to $15 per point if owners signed up for it by the end of February 28, 2008.  (Editor: While I usually refrain from opinion on this site, in hindsight, this was an incredible deal and every owner SHOULD have chosen to do it - this was only $1 per point per year - even at the time contracts were being offered at around $95 a point which was almost $2 per point per year. I understand that many felt they would never use it, but the extended contract maintain a value of about $15 per point more, and this will expand as that date approaches closer.) This was a one time offer that was eventually closed off to members (I could not find the date at which the offer was taken down.) Currently, direct contracts from DVC are sold with a January 31, 2057 end date and as of October, 2020 they sell for $165 per point.

The resort is the second largest in the DVC system with a total of 531 units, and 7,674,852 points. Buildings vary in number of rooms and even number of floors. It should be noted that most buildings do not have elevators - With the exception of the last 3 buildings. Eight buildings have the separate booking cateogry of "Near Hospitality House". (Buildings 11,12,13,14,23,24,25,& 26.)  Details of room distribution within the resort is shown below.

Contact Information for resort:

Disney’s Old Key West Resort
1510 North Cove Road
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

GPS: 28.377699, -81.534131
Front Desk: (407) 827-7700
Fax: (407) 827-7710

Room configuration:

All DVC studios have a kitchenette which containers a small coffeemaker, toaster, microwave, small sink, and dorm-sized refrigerator. Paper plates/bowls and plastic utencils are usually provided. All DVC 1-bedroom and larger have a complete kitchen with full-size refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher and sink. Also provided are dining ware and cook ware in basic amounts. DVC 1-bedroom and larger also have a free washer and dryer in the room, while studios have free access to a common laundry facility

  • Deluxe studios have two queen size beds - the only resort on property to have this - and one full bathroom
  • Deluxe 1-bedrooms have one king size bed, one full size sleeper sofa, a single sleeper chair, and one full bathroom 
  • Deluxe 2-bedrooms have one king size bed, two queen size beds, a full size sleeper sofa, a single sleeper chair,  and two full bathrooms 
  • Grand Villas have one king size master suite, master bathroom with a whirlpool tub, 2 queen size beds, 2 full size beds, 1 full size sleeper sofa, and 4 bathrooms on two floors

Floor Plans:

Deluxe Studio:

1 Bedroom Villa:

2 Bedroom Vila:

2 Bedroom Lock-off Villa:

3 Bedroom Grand Villa, 1st Floor:

3 Bedroom Grand Villa, 2nd Floor:

Virtual Tour:

Deluxe Studio

1 Bedroom Villa

2 Bedroom Villa

3 Bedroom Villa

Points Charts:

Old Key West Point Charts


  • Olivia's Cafe serves American Style Cuisine and is the only table service restaurant on the property located at the hospitality house. (TS)
  • Good’s Food To Go is a walk-up window serving burgers, sandwhiches and drinks near the hospitality house (QS)
  • Turtle Shack Poolside Snacks is a walk-up quick service location near the Old Turtle Road Pool. (QS)
  • Gurgling Suitcase Libations & Spirits – Key West-style bar which can also order food from Olivia's. This location is very, very small and located at the hospitality house. (QS)

Pools and Activities:

  • Sandcastle Pool
    • Large 149,000 gallon Pool
    • Water Slide
    • One Hot Tub
    • Children's Pool and Play Area
  • Old Turtle Pond Pool with Hot Tub, Play Area, and BBQ Pit
  • South Point Pool with Hot Tub, Play Area, and BBQ Pit
  • Miller's Road Pool with Hot Tub, Play Area, and BBQ Pit
  • Fitness center at R.E.S.T.
  • Shuffleboard, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis Courts Available
  • Electric Eel Gameroom near Hospitality House
  • Flying Fish Gameroom near Old Turtle Run Pool
  • Bike and Surrey Bike Rentals


There are five bus stops at the Old Key West property. Most buses stop in the following order.

  • Peninsular Road
  • Old Turtle Pond Road
  • South Point
  • Miller's Road
  • Hospitality House

Buses to Disney Springs will stop at Hospitality House first and then follow the rest of the list. In addition, there is a boat launch that will also take a leisurely ride to Disney Springs in about 20 minutes.  

Transportaion to other locations at Walt Disney World (not including typical wait times for buses which typically range from 0-20 minutes)

  • Magic Kingdom - 15-20 minutes
  • Epcot - 5-10 minutes
  • Disney's Hollywood Studio - 10-15 minutes
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom - 15-20 minutes
  • Disney Springs - 10-15 minutes
  • Disney's Blizzard Beach - 15-20 minutes
  • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon - 10-15 minutes


There are four laundry locations at Old Key West - one at each of the pools on property. Washers and Dryers can be monitored by using the website Laundryview.com (or their app). 


  • Conch Flats General Store is located at the Hospitality House

Old Key West Map