Aulani Transient Tax

Wait - I just found out that stays at Aulani have an extra fee for resort stays, what is this about? 

Yes, this is true - stays at Aulani are subject to what is called a "Transient Accomodations Tax" - essentially a hotel tax.  The tax you are charged is based on the number of points for the stay and fifty percent of the current year maintenance fees.

The formula is as follows:

Transient Tax =  9.25 % * Number of Points Used for Reservation * 50% of the annual Maintenance Fee

I'm not an owner at Aulani - do I still have to pay this tax when I stay there? 

Yes - all visitors pay this tax, both owners and non-owners. It is called a "Transient Accomodations Tax" because whether you own or not, you are a transient visitor. 

I'm not good at math - can you just tell me what my trip is going to cost with this tax?

We have gone through the action of taking the current year charts and calculating the nightly and weekly costs of the room tax for all room categories. You can use this table as an easier way to calculate the costs for yourself. NOTE: if your trip crosses chart categories you can use the number of days in each group. Note we cannot provide future year costs without knowing the updated maintenance fees.

Note below:

S - Standard View

I - Island Garden View

P - Poolside Garden View

O - Ocean View