Privacy Policy

It is important that our site visitors understand that any information you provide to us during the course of your visit to our site is NEVER sold or provided to any third party for any reason. The information collected is used ONLY for it's intended purpose.

We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully when using our Service. By using the Service, you agree to our Terms Of Service and accept our collection, use, and disclosure practices described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree and consent, discontinue use of the Service.

1. What Personally Identifiable Information of Yours is Collected:

Non Personal information for the purpose of determining the number of visitors to our site is captured every time you visit. This information includes the IP Address of your Internet Service Provider, the type of browser you are using, the date and time you access our site; and the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site.

You can read more about how we use cookies and other third parties for our site here.

The ONLY time personal information about you is captured is when you provide that information to us in the My DVC tools/section pages and signing up for such section.

2.  What organization is collecting the information:

The information that you provide to us is collected and maintained by C & S DVC Help Center.

3.  How is the information used:

The information is used only for the purpose it is intended.  Under no circumstances will your email address, phone number or personal information be sold to any third party, at any time for any reason.  We will use your e-mail, phone, DVC contracts, vacations, and other information ONLY to pertain to the area in which you provided the information and the DVC tools in the member area provided. At no time will you be solicited directly from the site unless you have acknowledged that you wish to receive such information.

4.  With whom is the information shared:

The information is not shared with any other entity under any circumstance unless ordered by a court of law to do so.

5.  What choices are available to you regarding collection, use, and distribution of the information:

The only areas that require entry of any personal data are listed above.  You have the right not to participate using the DVC tools if you do not wish to include your personal information.  You have the right not to not fill out any form on our website if you do not wish to to include personal information.  At any time, you can request that your information be removed by submitting a request to [email protected]. Deleting a contract from the My DVC section, will permanently remove all transactions, the contract, calculations and vacations related to it.

6.  Important Exceptions:

If you sign up for a particular advertisers services (via the site), that advertiser may use your email address to provide you with information on their services. 

Participants should be aware that when you are on any web site, you could be directed to other sites when you click on an advertising banner. Clicking on an ad banner may take you off our site. wants you to be aware that other sites may send their own cookies to participants, collect data or solicit personal information over which we have no control.

7. COPA Compliance:

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Act, we affirm the following:

Contact Information:

 C & S DVC Help Center

Personal Information Collected: The only time personal information on the site may be collected by a person under the age of 13 years old, is if said child registers for use of our site.  The site does not ask for the users name, rather it requires the creation of an account that the user determines by using their email address.  It does provide for the entry of the users name and phone, but these are not mandatory fields.  The information collected during the registration process is only to used for the members area and for linking entered data to the account created.  Under no circumstances is any information collected EVER provided to third parties.  Parents have the option to agree to the collection and use of the child's information without consenting to the disclosure of the information to third parties.

We do not require any participant, regardless of age, to provide more information than is reasonably necessary to participate on our web site.

Parents have the right, under law, to request to view all personal information collected on their children and to request that it be deleted  from our records.  Parents also retain the right to refuse to allow further collection or use of the child's information.

Any parent wishing to review this information, or requesting a deletion of that information should contact the webmaster of this site via email at [email protected]