DVC Epcot Member Lounge

What is the member lounge in Epcot and can I access it?

You have to have an official "blue card" - now electronic "DVC-Y card" membership to get into the DVC Ecpot member lounge. It is accessed via the exit of the Imagination Pavillion. Members showing their blue card can get in and recharge their devices, sit, get a drink and a snack and a unique view of the West Epcot area. This lounge has been in place for members to enjoy since 2016 and seems to be renewed annually. As of January 2021 there is some limited access due to COVID restrictions, but it still very much there to enjoy. 


The below link was shared filmed and produced by Jonathan Alvarado on his Youtube page "Where's Johnny?"We thank him for letting us share this with our readers. Please check out his channel for more Disney videos.