DVC Tools Change Log

Version 1.60 - 3/8/23

  • Miscellaneous fixes.

Version 1.51 - 5/18/22

  • Added All Contracts Points Overview page so you can see a points overview for all contracts on the same page.
  • Added Use Transaction Date to Contract Overview page which works more like disney. If you record a point banking transaction then previous vacation transactions (based on date of vacation and banking) will not use those points, which shows up in the overview page.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

Version 1.50 - 9/19/21

  • Added Points Left Totals for All Contracts on the Contracts page.
  • Added Points Usage information for the specific contract on the edit contract page.
  • Added date to when points were used for a vacation payment (this allows better backend point tracking calcuations).
  • Miscellaneous back & front end fixes/additions as well as back end additions for possible upcoming alerts and real time search features.

Version 1.49 - 8/2/21

  • Updated the bank points email to correctly state the remaining points left in the use year.
  • Added public facing vacation calculator with points, costs, occupancy and estimated availability.

Version 1.48 - 3/28/21

  • Updated the availability chance calculation code to make it more accurate based on our data and allow for future date (beyond current 11 months) calculations based on past data.

Version 1.47 - 3/22/21

  • Updated the calculation code for the Dashboard page for how many points left to bank and how many expiring points left that cannot be banked.

Version 1.46 - 2/14/21

  • Added an availability chance alert when editing/viewing a vacation and under most calculators. This data comes from the charts on our site of green/open, orange/mostly, yellow/spotty, and red/none, which is based on past room availability.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Vesion 1.45 - 1/4/21

  • Added the number of bathrooms, number of showers, number of toilets, number of tub/shower combos, and number of tubs to each room type so you can order/sort by those when using the point calculators.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.44 - 12/27/20

  • Added a Vacations Overview page that shows you all your vacations in a yearly (month by month) overview so you can visually see your vacations throughout each year.
  • Added the ability to suppress vacation and rental alerts on the Dashboard screen from being displayed by clicking the X on the alert. Once the X is clicked it will no longer display on the Dashboard page. This is useful if you don't want to see a specific alert, maybe because you already completed a 11 month booking and don't need to see the 7 month booking alert.

Version 1.43 - 12/10/20

  • Updated the date pickers to allow selection of dates in the past.
  • Added a new calculator that allows you to see a vacation cost in points across different years. This allows you to see how much points your vacation went up or down between the years.
  • Added the ability from the vacation page to go to the vacation year point cost calculator page and have it pre-filled out.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.42 - 10/11/20

  • Changed the Transaction, Rental, Vacation and Contract listing pages to a different table format to allow searching, sorting, display count changing and no page load pagination.
  • Updated delete operations to show the listings page with sucess message when successful instead of a seperate sucess message page.
  • Fixed an issue where mulitple vacations on the same dates for the same resort would cause display issues on the tracking overview page.
  • Added the ability (add another link) to add another contract from the newely created contract success message/page.

Version 1.41 - 9/28/20

  • Added additional icons to dashboard page for vacation reminders.
  • Added additional point calculator allowing you to select the days and all resorts point requirements update without leaving the page.
  • Fixed dashboard page so that if the email alert is disabled such as 90 days out from vacation, the notice would not appear on dashboard page as well.
  • Added rental summary section to rentals page.
  • Added additional contract options for e-sign rental contracts.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.40 - 9/10/20

  • Added icons to dashboard page and fixed sorting so amount of days left sort from top (soonest) to bottom.
  • Added rental alerts to dashboard page for 7 and 11 month booking windows.
  • Added contract summary section to the contracts page.

Version 1.39 - 8/31/20

  • Refactored some code to allow coding upcoming renter/rentee reviews and DVC Member Verified feature.
  • Fixed Contract Add/Edit transaction date so when selected and transaction is created for rental, the points deduction transaction date is the date of the reservation, not the date the contract entry in our system is created.
  • Added e-mail alerts for rentals when the rental is more then 7 and 11 months out from the date the entry is created in our system.

Version 1.38 - 8/4/20

  • Added the ability for you to foward your DVC Reservation E-mails to [email protected] from the e-mail address assoicated with your dvchelp.com account, and the system will parse the e-mail for the check-in date, check-out date, resort and room and will automatically create the vacation in your account, if a vacation that matches exactly does not exist. All other data in the e-mail such as Resort Confirmation numbers, guests, etc. are disregarded and not stored or created with the vacation data. You will still need to edit the vacation to "pay" it with points from which contract(s) you used.

Version 1.37 - 6/30/20

  • Updated dashboard page to add days left to banking and points left to use notices.

Version 1.36 - 5/31/20

  • Updated important dates to change dinning reservations from 180 days to 60 days and removed the 60 day fastpasses due to current WDW COVID measures. Will revert back as disney progresses in their opening.

Version 1.35 - 5/29/20

  • Added the ability to enable iOS/Andriod/PC Calendar Events for Alerts (Bank Points & Moonlight Magic) and for Vacations via CalDAV access. All alerts and vacations are auto created on the device(s) that has the CalDAV connection to our site setup. Supports iOS calendar sharing as well. This feature can be turned on within the Settings page.

Version 1.31 - 5/25/20

  • Added Moonlight Magic Event Registration E-mail Alerting and an Entry under Important Dates on the Dashboard and Vacations Edit Page. This will inform you if a Moonlight Magic Event is taking place during your vacation as well as e-mail you if you have that turned on within the Settings page.

Version 1.30 - 5/11/20

  • Added DVC Rentals allowing detailed tracking for point renting of renter info and Electronic Contract Signing (similar to DocuSign but free) - Currently only available for beta testing (not available in the DVC tools menu yet). This will allow us to expand in to user/member reviews so you can see previous renter reviews as well as member reviews and point rental posting/swapping/searching.

Version 1.25 - 5/05/20

  • Added RCI point tracking to tracking visualization and dashboard notices
  • Added DVC Collection and RCI transaction options

Version 1.20 - 4/28/20

  •  Added point calculator options search for room/resort options based on how many points you want to spend


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