Disneyland Tower DVC (2023)

In November of 2019, Disney filed plans to build a DVC resort at the Disneyland hotel site in Anaheim. This would only be the second west-coast DVC resort - but there is still a lot of work to be done - as it first needs to be approved by the Anaheim City Council.  In January 2020, Disney released more information as well as some concept art.

In November of 2021 at the Destination D23 presentation in Orlando, concept art of the rooms and the pool were presented. It was noted that the rooms will be themed to the colors of Sleeping Beauty, while the pool will have the theme of an artist's palette.  No further details on opening were provided, but the concept art did indicate a 2023 opening date was still the target. 




As of July 2021, construction has started on this 350-room Disney Vacation Club tower proposed for the Disneyland Hotel. As part of the hotel’s reopening, the following language was added to the resort’s website:
“It is possible you may see and hear construction as we build a new Disney Vacation Club property. To minimize any disruptions, activities that may create noise will not start earlier than 9:00 AM.“

On Twitter, images of the initial demolition being performed to clear the way for the new DVC tower have started to pop up.

The resort is not expected to be open until 2023, and even that is a tentative date - so don't sign up for points just yet. The below concept art was provided by Disney:


On May 21st, 2020 a public hearing was help to present the design to the public. And then on July 17th, the planning and building department presented the city of Anaheim  with a 1600 page document recommending the construction of the new DVC units. There is a LOT of information contained there-in, and should be pointed out that none of this is finalized, but this is most likely fairly similar to the end product.

Some details gleaned from the documents:

  • Committee is recommending approval to the Planning Commission
  • 77 Acres Located between the convention center and the Frontierland Tower
  • 12 Story Tower with tiered levels off the back towards Walnut street to minimize view to outside property.
  • Adding significant view improvements to Walnut Street versus current ivy covered chain link fence.
  • Location is 350 rooms
  • 342 rooms in main building and 8 “garden” rooms next to pool deck
    • 38 Pods (2 person suites similar to Riviera Tower Suites)
    • 253 Studios
    • 19 2-Bedroom Lock-offs
    • 20 dedicated 2-bedrooms
    • 2 Grand Villas (2-story on floors 9+10 and 11+12)
  • Garden Rooms are 4 Studios and 4 Pods on 2 floors.
  • Largest Floors 40 rooms (Floor 3-5).
  • Number of rooms go down as you go up because of tiering on back of resort. Goes down to 20 rooms on 12th
  • 305 Parking Space required
  • Pool is 2,400 Square Feet (32 x 75 for example)
  • 870 Square Foot “Interactive Water Feature” (Splash Pad)
  • Pool Bar that seats 20 – only dining at the Tower
  • Fitness Center – 1300 Square Feet.
  • Lobby with DVC Desk & Concierge + 4 elevators
  • Community Hall – 1126 Square Feet.
  • Two story breezeway from main resort back to pool area.
  • Planned completion date 2023.

This model below shows the DVC tower in the lower left corner as related to the rest of the Disneyland resort. Note a small pool to in the crook of the ELL. Also note that it appears that Downtown Disney is to the upper right side of the model. 

Here's another view of the model. 

The below drawing shows the overhead view. Interesting that next to the pool is listed two buildings as "Garden Units"

Another color view of the pool. Note the garden rooms to the left, the circular "couches" around the edge of the pool, the water feature on the low side with Mickey on the bottom, and then there is also a pool bar hidden in the trees between the garden room and the play area.

Here's another piece of concept art that came from the report - this is the view from Walnut street outside the boundaries with the new hedges.

Here's the side view of the property - showing the tiered section, which is made up of studios and "pods". The front side of the building shows two bedrooms and grand villas.

Another view of the hotel with expected colors and elevations.

Important list - here is the number of each time of room on each floor. Note that the 1-bedrooms are all lock-offs.

And below are all the room layouts. The one piece of information not contained in the report is the actual square footage of the rooms. Assuming they are pretty standard for Disney, here are the layouts. 

The first is the "Pod" studios (similar to the Riviera Tower Studios) and the regular studios. This gives a good view of the relative size. The pods appear to not have any kitchenette area, and only one sink. 

One thing to note is it is not very obvious in the studio sleeps 5. In fact it looks like it might only be 4, but there are also may be a small flip down sofa on the right

Here's the 2-bedroom lock-off. Again, all 1-bedrooms are part of a lock-off room.

Then the dedicated 2-bedroom layout, which is pretty similar. But note the second bedroom has two queen beds.

Finally, the two grand villas will be two floors, and are situated on the top 4 floors of the resort looking over the Disneyland property.

One thing to note - this DVC Tower is clearly targeted to shorter stays. Lots of smaller rooms and not many at all larger rooms. (Just over 40 1-, 2-, and 3- bedrooms total.) You can bet the point prices per night will be high. Look to Grand Californian if you want to know how much, even though this resort requires a further walk than the Grand Cali. However, it's good to remember that you are likely talking less than a 10 minute walk to the park entrances, and if you enter DCA via the Grand Cali entrance, and Disneyland via the monorail it's more like 5 minutes.