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BREAKING! March 3rd, 2022 - The Villas @ Grand Floridian Phase 2, which includes 202 "resort studios" in three categories has gone on sale at $207 per point, with additional incentives for purchases greater than 125 points. The new units will be part of the same condo association as the original units, meaning both sets of rooms can be booked by all owners, as well as all units do not fall under the "resale restrictions" that Riviera does.  Units will be open for booking by Grand Floridian owners starting March 14th but only via the DVC Member services telephone number. All members will be able to book starting May 13th. In addition, resort reservations for these rooms start on June 10, 2022.

BREAKING FURTHER! March 15th, 2022 - Disney announces plans for a new DVC resort at the Polynesian, replacing the Spirit of Aloha show. Please see the newly created resort page for concept art! (Polynesian V2.0) 


What is DVC? It's an abbreviation for the Disney Vacation Club, the Disney companies resort system of vacation ownership - more simply identified as a timeshare. DVC is made up of 15 resorts across the country, most of which are in the Walt Disney World, in Florida. If you have questions about DVC - we have answers.

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Point Charts - Sure you can get them from the Disney site - but we have them all here in one easily accessible place. Just released a one of a kind EXCLUSIVE point chart of all resorts by date/season. 

Availability Charts - These charts were culled from years of research, to provide you with guides for the difficulty or ease of booking rooms at your home resort or other resorts. These are predictive charts, so they are not necessarily 100% accurate for future events, but the data has been found to be accurate about 90% of the time. Charts are an original concept of the crew of DVC Help. We will be keeping these charts up to date at all times, are working on them currently and will never be outdated here. On September 12, 2020 - the last group of availability charts were posted. 

DVC Tools - Another unique feature of our site. DVC Tools can be used to help you track your contracts, points, vacations, and more, thus providing a superior service to the DVC member website. Setup is straightforward, and will provide you with unique features not found in other tracking sites or apps. For more information - Check out our DVC Tools page

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